Is the time right for you to Go Green with a Maxus eVan?

Updated: Jan 4

The journey to all-electric vehicles has begun, but how do you know if the transition is best for your business, right now?

Electric vehicles can play a large part in our social responsibility and can become a major way of making your business greener, but they also offer many other benefits to a company or small business.

The average van driver covers about 70 miles per day, so with a range of more than 200 miles on a single charge MAXUS electric vans have got it covered.

An eVan may be the right choice for your business, meaning that you can enjoy high performance, low maintenance, cost effective driving that will also help the environment.

Are you looking for ways to reduce overheads…

When considering buying an electric van a major factor to consider is the day to day running cost of the vehicle. Recent studies show that typically the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for an electric van is less than a diesel or petrol equivalent.

The initial cost of an electric van may be slightly more than a diesel or petrol van, but when you factor in running and servicing costs, an electric van can save a considerable amount of cost pretty quickly.

The cost of charging a van overnight is estimated to be around £1.50 to fully charge a flat battery. You would need to spend roughly £15 on diesel to cover 100 miles, so an electric van can deliver substantial savings over time. If your company is registered, you should also be able to offset some of your household energy bills as a a legitimate business cost against VAT.

Servicing is usually relatively cheap for an electric van as there is no engine to maintain and there are fewer parts to inspect and replace on an annual basis. Manufacturers also offer great value maintenance plans to suit the number of miles you cover per year too.

Battery Charging...

Charging your vehicle has never been easier, as the network of eVehicle charging points throughout the UK increases, and of course you can simply plug your eVan straight into your domestic power sockets, which will usually take less time than it does to charge your smartphone.

Every month that passes more people are changing to electric vehicles which means that the charging infrastructure is increasing to keep up with demand.

There are now 14 thousand public charging locations with 22 thousand charging devices available and with a government commitment to invest 1.3 billion pounds there are many more on the way soon. There are also user friendly apps like Zap Map which make it easy to find your nearest one.

Award Winning Innovation & Battery Technology…

SAIC are the leaders in the technical revolution, continually leading the way in the development of new technology and solutions for the automotive industry.

Market leaders in battery technology, they have developed a number of battery options for the Maxus e DELIVER 3 and the Maxus DELIVER 9, by using various battery cooling methods, which allows us to reduce charging time (DC 45mins (5%-80%) AC 5hrs), extend battery life and increase the operating range.

The Maxus e DELIVER 3 comes with a 90KW /250Nm motor, AC/DC charging options and a choice of 35Kw or 52.5Kw battery configurations.

Future proof your driving…

As zero and low-emissions zones continue to roll out in city centres, electric vans make sense for buyers who need a non-polluting way of making deliveries and will help to future proof your driving needs.

Key benefits if you are thinking of purchasing an eVan..

  • Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

  • Positive Company Image

  • Lower Fuel Costs

  • Lower Running Costs

  • Lower Maintenance Costs

  • Lower Road Tax

  • No Low Emission Zone Charges

Key considerations if you are thinking of purchasing an eVan...

  • What is your average mileage per day?

  • Is the vehicle on a varied or fixed route?

  • Is it on a single or double shift?

  • How long is it back in the base for?

  • Are you near charging infrastructure or is there one on your route?

  • Do you need a fast-charging system or is slow suffice?

  • What’s the required payload of the vehicle?

If you need help or more information to determine which, if any, eVan would be right for you why not speak to one of our experts for more advice.


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